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WeDecrypt team is available 24/7 in assisting clients worldwide in restoring data from ransomware!

24/7 Support Year Round!

We cover your business 24hr a day 

Thousands of satisfied clients!

Our customers receive the security they can depend on

On-Prem Data-centers

Our in house premier data centers are ready 24/7

Ransomware Specialist Engineers

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WeDecrypt – The Ransomware Experts.

WeDecrypt is the largest ransomware recovery service in the US, with a growing list of national and international clients. We have the required expertise and availability around the clock to help decrypt, analyze and prevent ransomware attacks with an incredible 97% success rate!

Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to remove the ransomware. 


At WeDecrypt, we proudly present our services to affected organizations and companies looking for a one-stop solution to ransomware attacks. Our state-of-the-art proprietary servers are equipped with the ability to analyze and determine the decryption key without manual supervision.

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Featured Services

FREE Evaluation

Submit a FREE Evaluation for a non-critical evaluation or request our priority service for same day evaluation. We offer a no data = no charge policy!

Ransomware Cleanup

Most Ransomware run on a time bomb. Talk to an expert to ensure your computer and network is 100% ransomware free. At WeDecrypt we are always up-to-date with the latest threats

Ransomware Prevention

WeDecrypt has the experience and technical knowledge to advise, and implement some cost effective security improvements to prevent future similar attacks.

Ransomware Removal

Don’t Panic, our team at WeDecrypt has a success rate of 97% and always work to offer you the most efficient services when it comes to mitigating a ransomware attack. Always guaranteed and backed up with our No Data No Charge policy!

Recent News

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NSA: Russian Hackers Exploiting VMware Vulnerability

December 8, 2022

Warning Urges Federal Agencies to Patch Vulnerable Systems ImmediatelyThe U.S. National Security Agency is warning that Russian state-sponsored threat actors are attempting to exploit a known

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December 17, 2020

Gartner's Rajpreet Kaur on Using Multiple TechnologiesImplementing the "zero trust" model in a hybrid cloud environment presents challenges, says Rajpreet Kaur, senior principal analyst at Gartner

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2 Arrested for Operating Malware Encryption Service

November 21, 2020

Romanians Allegedly Ran 'CyberSeal,' 'Dataprotector' and 'Cyberscan' ServicesEuropol has arrested two Romanians for allegedly selling services - including malware encryption - that helped

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Why Have Russian Hackers Been So Quiet?

Russia hasn’t disabled Ukraine’s internet or disabled the country’s entire power grid. What sort of cyberattacks have Russia hackers successfully pulled during the war?

Some Of Our Valued Clients

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Happy Customers

What they're saying

Reliable and responsive. Highly recommended for ransomware recovery! A bit pricey but worth every penny. They were able to recover 100% of my data and provide tips to better secure my network.

Jason K.

Tax Office

This team is amazing! Unbelievable work! Not an expert in the tech world but they did an outstanding job getting my files back. Definitely worth the cost and now my files are more secure than ever!

Scott M.

Chiropractor Office

No data no fee, can’t go wrong with that! Very professional and completed the work within the timeframe promised. Excellent service, highly recommended.

Bryan F.


Types of
Aleta Alfa Alma Locker Alpha Alpha Crypt Amber
Types of
Coverton CradleCore CryLocker CrypBoss CrypMIC Crypren
777 888 .Aa1 .Wal 7ev3n 8lock8 Adobe AES-NI AGL
Types of
Types of
Fantom Fatboy FBI MoneyPak FenixLocker Filecoder.E FilesLocker FireCrypt
Types of
LeakerLocker LeChiffre Linux.Encoder LockCrypt Lockdroid.E Locked-In 
Types of
PSCrypt Purge PyCL Qbix qkG R980 RAA

 A few Types of Ransomware
WeDecrypt Specializes in!

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