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What Is Nemesis Ransomware?

Nemesis Ransomware Is An Old Variant With A New Group Of Hackers That Is Appending Files To Filename[Victimid][Hacker Email].Nemesis Extension To Encrypted File Names. This Family Of Ransomware Releases A New Version Almost Every Week, If Not Sooner, It Will Be Expected To See Another Variant Released Soon With A New Extension. If You Are A Victim Of This Variant, You Will Be Asked To Make A Payment By The Hackers – Don't Don't & Don't, You Will Lose Your Money, And It’s Illegal As It Falls Under “Proceed Of Crime” Not To Mention You Are Supporting Criminals Resulting In More And More Attacks.

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nemesis ransomware

How To Protect Yourself From The Nemesis Ransomware?

Let's take a deeper dive 

|n Order To Protect Yourself From The Nemesis Variant, Or From Any Ransomware, It Is Important That You Use Good Computing Habits And Security Software. First And Foremost, You Should Always Have A Reliable And Tested Backup Of Your Data That Can Be Restored In The Case Of An Emergency, Such As A Ransomware Attack.

You Should Also Have Security Software (Please Talk To Us For Our Recommendations) As Most Antivirus Does Not Give You A Complete Protection

Last, But Not Least, Make Sure You Practice The Following Good Online Security Habits, Which In Many Cases Are The Most Important Steps Of All:

How Do I Know If My System Is Infected With Nemesis Ransomware?
  • Pop-Up Message Advising You That Your Data Has Been Encrypted And Demanding That You Pay A Ransom.

  • Files Won’t Open.

  • Files Have Been Renamed With A New Extension Added (.Nemesis)

  • Applications Won’t Open.

  • Antivirus Software Is Disabled.

  • Computer System Locked Down.

  • Computer System Running Slowly

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What Is Cryptolocker Ransomware

The Cryptolocker Trojan Is A Ransomware Infection That Encrypts The Victim’s Files. Cryptolocker May Typically Be Installed By Another Threat Such As A Trojan-Downloader Or A Worm. Once The Cryptolocker Ransomware Trojan Is Installed, Cryptolocker Will Search For Sensitive Files On The Victim’s Computer And Encrypt Them. Essentially, Cryptolocker Takes The Infected Computer Hostage By Preventing Access To Any Of The Computer User’s Files. Cryptolocker Then Demands Payment Of A Ransom To Decrypt The Infected Files. Cryptolocker Is Quite Harmful, And Esg Security Analysts Strongly Advise Computer Users To Use An Efficient, Proven And Updated Anti-Malware Program To Protect Their Computer From These Types Of Infections.

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